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Black Spraymaster Top Cover

Black Spraymaster Top Cover Keeps your system free of dust and debris. ..


Bleed Valve Assembly

Bleed Valve for end of line 1/4".  Designed for Pyranha Spraymaster systems but will work in mo..


Brass Cross

Brass Cross used @ Pump. Designed for Pyranha Spraymaster systems but will work in most insect contr..


Bug Armor 64 oz. New

Bug Armor 64 oz.

Bug Armor Concentrate.   NO MAIL DELIVERY ON THIS PRODUCT.UPS/FED EX ONLY!1-10 PX, soon to..


Electric Motor 1/2 HP

1/2 HP Electric motor replacement for both 30 & 55 gallon Pyranha Spraymaster systems. Will also..


Female Connector for CV25

Female Connector for CV25 1/4" Used to connect CV10, CV25, CV50 to 3/8" tubing from pump...


Female Connector for Intake Filter

Female Connector for Intake Filter. Used to attach Intake Filter to 3/8" tubing from Pump. Designed ..


Intake Filter

Intake Filter for end of Pump Suction Line. Designed for Pyranha Spraymaster systems but will work i..


Large O Ring for Spray Tip

Large O Ring used between spray tip and nozzle barrel. Replacement spray tips # 005-STNS come s..


Male Branch Tee, 1/4" with Nickel Plated Barrel, No Tip

Male Branch Tee, 1/4" Nickel Plated Barrel, No tip. Designed for Pyranha Spraymaster systems but wil..


Male Branch Tee/Nozzle 1/4" Nickel

Male Branch Tee 1/4" Nickel Plated without Barrel. Used to connect the nozzle barrel to nylon tubing..


Male Elbow 1/4" Discharge New

Male Elbow 1/4" Discharge

Male Elbow 1/4" Discharge. Used at Brass Cross to connect pressure relief tubing. Designed for Pyran..


Nickel/Silver Spray Tip with Filter

Replacement Spray tip, Nickel/Silver. Includes Large O-Ring. Designed for Pyranha Spraymaster syste..